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Creative Director & Strategist, Elisabetta Alicino is an eclectic consultant in design and communication with a focus on Brand Presence Digital Products, Content and Adv.

Born in Rome but a world citizen, after having worked and lived on 3 continents, over the last 15 years she has overseen hundreds of projects spanning several industries, from business to art, from tourism to culture.

Elisabetta's creative direction is defined by a clear project management and the contamination of different communication disciplines.

She works in a continuous balance between visual design and strategy in an evolving digital world, so much so that she has coined the motto: "design with marketing in mind". She likes to say "I was here before the internet" just to justify the fact that most of her Cryptozoologists' companies have founders younger than her.

In 2021, in the middle of a lockdown, she founded Brand Genesi.

She is a consultant for BananaSplint Zucchini, a partner at Castiglione Photo Studio, co-founder of several business projects and co-author of "Tips from Fear", an ironic book on the life of freelancers coming out at the end of 2021.

Since 2020 she has been mentoring young creatives with big ambitions.