AI arts & images

As 2023 has arrived, the use of Artificial Intelligence tools for creative works has skyrocketed.

As one of the pioneers in Italy to take advantage of AI technology for image generation, Elisabetta Alicino has produced stunning, unique, and mind-blowing generative images that serve both art and commercial projects for Brand Genesi Studio.

The first website featuring AI-generated images was launched in early September 2022, and since then, several projects have followed suit.

Since then, Elisabetta’s projects with AI have continued to amaze and inspire. Her expertise in the field has even led her to conduct educational workshops on the power of generative images.

Explore the gallery on this page and see for yourself the potential of generative images in the world of Art and beyond. These images aren’t just visually captivating, they also evoke powerful emotions and tell compelling stories

For enquire on her services with generative images for your brand and business, use the contact page.

For more information on brand works visit, where you can browse through a gallery of some of the Brand Projects powered by AI arts.

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This is my favorite image ever (until now) created with MidJourney — Elisabetta

World Politics, MidJourney & some Rome

Futuristic images for Brand Genesi posts and articles

Random works for clients


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