Tired of AI Images All Looking the Same? Me Too

Tired of AI Images All Looking the Same? Me Too

Tired of AI Images All Looking the Same? Me Too

Explore how blending human creativity with AI breaks the monotony and sparks aesthetics

The world of digital creativity is vast, and AI has become a big part of it.

But there’s a problem: many AI images are starting to look the same. Here’s my take on it:

  • AI’s Power and Limitation: AI can create amazing images, but they often lack the unique touch that only humans can provide. They’re cool, but can feel a bit soulless.
  • The Monotony Issue: Ever noticed how AI-generated images can be repetitive? That’s what I’m tired of. We need more variety and creativity.

How to Make AI Work for Us:

  1. Blend Human Creativity with AI: The real magic happens when we mix our ideas with AI’s capabilities. This combo can lead to some truly unique creations.
  2. Push Boundaries: Don’t just settle for the first thing AI gives you. Experiment and try new things. Be bold in your creative choices.
  3. Draw Inspiration from Everywhere:
    • Other Artists: See what they’re doing and get inspired.
    • Gen-AI Innovators: They’re pushing the limits of what AI can do.
      1. Children’s Books: The whimsical and imaginative worlds found in children’s literature can be a fantastic source of inspiration. The playful and often surreal illustrations can spark ideas for AI-generated visuals that are both enchanting and unexpected.
      2. Boring Catalogues: Yes, even mundane catalogues can inspire! Their straightforward and functional design can challenge you to inject creativity and transform the ordinary into something visually captivating with AI.
      3. Bauhaus and Futuristic Concepts: The clean lines and functional approach of Bauhaus, combined with futuristic design concepts, can lead to innovative AI art. Think about merging past design principles with future visions to create something truly unique.
      4. Everyday Life Observations: Sometimes, the simplest things around us can inspire the most creative ideas. Look at everyday objects, scenes, and people, and think about how AI can reinterpret them in an artistic way.

      By drawing on such diverse sources, you can push AI beyond its standard outputs, creating images that are not only unique but also rich in storytelling and visual appeal.

My Approach:

Since I get tired of AI images all looking the same, I always look for ways to make them more interesting and diverse. I believe in mixing AI with our creativity to make something special.

PS: In my work, I focus on diversity. I usually don’t just create images of “only” women. This time, I chose to feature female figures, but it’s all about being inclusive and diverse in what we create.


basic prompt for these images:

she is infinity, failed photography pose, installations landscapes, refracted action, distorted orientation, 1969, uncanny valley

Want to learn to use Ai in your creativity flow?

Check →  promptdesigner.art (in Italian for now)

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